Robe ROBIN’s for Kennedy Amplifier Hire Service

Posted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Kennedy Amplifier Hire Service (KAHS) started as a one man business in 1969 hiring and selling PAs and lights to a small market in Mackay, and has now grown to one of the largest hire service companies in Mackay, catering to all entertainment and corporate sectors from conferences, major festivals through to discos and weddings, also servicing the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre.

KAHS owner, Dale Kennedy, opted for the new technology from Robe to enhance his hire inventory and business prospects choosing the Robe ROBIN® 300E Spots. Dale says “This was our first Robe product that we have purchased from ULA. After servicing numerous Robe moving lights around town, we were impressed with the reliability of the units so we thought we should invest in some for ourselves.”

Dale’s first impression of the fixtures was “Wow, what a bright white hard edged light it produced for 300 Watts.” One of the key features that Dale loved about the Robe ROBIN® 300E Spot was the versatility. He continues, “The reason we chose the Robe ROBIN® 300E Spots is because the fixture gives us the ability to use the lights as both washes and spots – which means getting more bang for buck and as every small operator knows you have to make your dollar go as far as you can”.

Robe’s brand new ROBIN® 300E Spot is a compact, hugely powerful and fully energy conscious fixture with superior functions such as a large linear zoom and dynamic hot-spot control, which is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Dale concludes saying “With all of my dealings with ULA I have found them give great service and to be very professional in all aspects of their operation.”