Robe Robin Pointe

Posted on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

The Robin Pointe is a new dynamic beam, spot and wash fixture from Robe – a small, super-bright and very fast ‘signature’ unit with an intense and sharp parallel beam …. plus a host of features making it a truly unique and versatile lightsource.

These include a 5 – 20 degree zoom with full focus control, variable frost, two separate prism effects, a rotating and a static gobo wheel and inbuilt colour wheel.

The lightsource is a 280W Osram discharge lamp making the Pointe a dynamic, fixture for using to create WOW factors on a large and small scale whilst also embracing Robe’s ‘smaller, lighter, brighter’ and more eco-friendly philosophy.

Special characteristics include phenomenal speed and an impressive list of additional creative features like the zoom, linear and circular rotating prisms, rotating and static gobo wheels.

A custom developed homogeniser works with the rotating gobos to spread the light evenly and achieve optimum projection quality. A variable frost effect instantly transforms the output into that of an efficient wash light.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group