Posted on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

To complement and widen the already comprehensive ROBIN range, Robe launches the DLF which is a fresnel wash fixture. This is aimed at theatre, TV and all professional markets needing versatile fresnel style lights.

These are all in Robe’s eco-conscious ROBIN range – with the emphasis on smaller, brighter, lighter and using genuinely more energy efficient technologies – underlining Robe’s “Think of the Future – consider Nature” initiative.

The Robe ROBIN DLF uses high powered RGBW LEDs. It has a unique zoom that starts at 5.5 degrees and goes to 60 degrees with absolutely no distortion, and a diffusion filter extends the zoom range yet further to 75 degrees for covering cycs and other large surfaces.

It has a beam shaping module consisting of four blades which is fully controllable that can emulate the behavior of a barn door. The whole beam shaping module is rotatable and indexable to plus or minus 90 degrees. The shaped beam has a soft edge, and due to the fast blade movement, it can also simulate aerial effects.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group