Robe ROBIN® 300E Australian Debut – QANTAS Darwin Gala Ball

Posted on Friday, August 28th, 2009

Total Event Service in Darwin is the first event production company to take delivery of the new Robe ROBIN® 300E Wash fixtures in Australia.

Head of Lighting, Rick Bishop had a lot to say when receiving these new fixtures, as this was the first time he actually had been able to get hands on with the new Robe ROBIN® 300E Wash.

Says Rick, “My initial reaction to these units was simply a surprise. The first surprise came when I picked up the first fixture – I’m use to hauling around heavier fixtures, so I was expecting something with a bit of weight to it, but these units are amazingly light at only 20kg! Finally we have a light light! Even the boss’s wife could easily pick one up!”

Total Event Services first gig with the Robe ROBIN® 300E Wash’s was for the Qantas Darwin Turf Club Gala Ball, Australia’s largest outdoor seated dinner event, with an attendance of 3,800 people. The Gala Dinner set beside the ocean, amidst tropical gardens and under the stars, “Setup with these units is very fast and painless,” says Rick, “Especially because of their very low power consumption. 4 units happily run off a 10amp 240v circuit with room to spare”.

The rig consisted of not only Robe Robins, but Robe ColorSpot 1200ATs, Robe LED Blinders, Anolis ArcLine 36 along with iLED Star drapes as a background to the stage. The Gala Ball featured an international main act with world class entertainment and a fantastic fireworks display.

Rick continues “I ran the self-test for about ten minutes , which was comprehensive enough to follow, but quick enough not to be boring, and then decided to point one fixture at a wall. Now, our warehouse has white perspex skylights, as well as the usual 400W highbays, but even from 20 metres away, the Robin cut through the ambient light in all colours and zoom ranges, and the wall was well lit”.

The Robe ROBIN® 300E Wash is a compact fixture with easy to use features. Rick says “The full colour touch screen display is an absolute pleasure to use, with it being very responsive and very forgiving of my pudgy fingers. The menu navigation is by far the easiest I have ever seen, with an absolute plethora of information at your fingertips. DMX addressing and lamp functions are directly accessible from the start-up screen, and everything is painfully obvious to suit every user.”

One of the features Rick loved was the zoom and speed of the Robin when operating, especially live. Rick says “The 4 degree zoom is extremely punchy, easily equalling any ACL, and it cut straight through the big LED wash and assorted other movers I had on behind them. At the 40 degree end of the zoom, there is still plenty of output for a decent stage wash and movement is very fast due to the light weight.”

“I was pleased with the usual gamut of features that Robe have put into these fixtures, says Rick. The CMY with variable CTO, the usual colour wheel, a very narrow 4 degree to a nice wide 40 degree zoom, and the lamp is nicely optimised for all zoom ranges with Robe’s new hotspot control and is a very fast shutter with a smooth dimmer.”

Rick concludes to say “Overall, the ROBIN® 300E Wash is an excellent fixture, and Robe have outdone themselves on this one. We absolutely love these fixtures, and given the choice, I would own nothing else. If the business plan allows it, we will definitely be buying more Robins. They are absolutely fantastic!”