Robe Road Show – ROBIN 600 LEDWash Launch

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011


The Robe Roadshow kicked off the end of November in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with massive anticipation ahead of the new Robe Robin 600 launch.

Robe has a strong commitment to providing carbon conscious products for all areas of the professional lighting industry, and the LEDWashes are the latest in ROBE’s highly popular and successful ROBIN Series.

Robe’s innovative use of revolutionary multi chip technology in the Robin LED Wash 600 certainly caused a stir – a unique new generation of LED technology. The first sighting in Australia of these unique fixtures on tour will be at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne for the sold out Bon Jovi concert.

Also formally launched were other Robe fixtures including the new Robin 600 Fixtures, and the new ‘L’ Series from Vuepix.

The super-slim ROBIN LEDWash 600 features 37 x 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs that are each individually controllable. These are arranged in 3 concentric rings designed for creating stunning colour and pattern effects when pointed towards an audience  – as well as for providing comprehensive, even wash coverage of performers, stages, spaces, scenery, etc.

Robe’s Managing Director Josef Valchár and ULA’s MD Cuono Biviano presented the Australian Robe Roadshow. Josef says, “The 3 LED rings are completely unique and sets the LEDWash 600 aside from other LED wash light products, also making it a truly ‘multi-purpose’ unit. The fixture has perfect colour mixing, no shadow effects, individual control of the LED rings and has wide zoom angles”.

The inner and middle rings can be dimmed leaving only the outer ring for tunnel effects and fading and chasing simultaneously between all 3 rings can create some truly psychedelic and mind-blowing kaleidoscopic effects. The unit can also be strobed and pre-programmed with random pulse strobe effects.

The 10W RGBW multichips deliver a whole array of true colours – from the richest saturates to the subtlest and most delicate of pastels – and can be output as pure colour without any ‘pixelation’ or blockiness.

Managing Director Cuono Biviano says, “We have been overwhelmed by the response from our clients and the industry in general with the new ROBIN LEDWash 600,” he continues, “Robe certainly continues to be at the forefront of technology, and I know that the Robin Series with so many features in such a compact and affordable form, will be a must have for many companies”.

The event attracted lighting specialists including Lighting Designers, Production Houses and Performing Arts Venues. The format of the event offered everyone the important time they needed close-up with the products.