Robe REDWash 3•192

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009

REDWash 3•192 is the first in a series of powerful new Robe moving head wash lights based on RED (Robe Emitted Diode) Technology. The fixture provides a rectangular light field with manual control of beam spreads, offering a unique, fresh approach to concert touring, television and event lighting.

REDWash 3•192 is supplied with a 25-degree ‘Egg Crate’ lens module as standard, with 15, 45 and 15 x 45 degree options also available. The Egg Crate modules are extremely quick and easy to fit, allowing lenses to be swapped around for maximum flexibility.

The fixture is providing stunning saturated colour tones with extreme intensity levels, doubling the luminous flux levels of other wash lights using a 700W discharge lamp source.

The REDWash 3•192s LEDs are tightly populated for optimised homogeneous colour distribution and uniform shadow behaviour – averting the ‘RGB shadows’ that are often common to other LED based lighting fixtures.

REDWash 3•192 has a linear optical layout, which is ideal for flooding large areas with intense colour tones and creating ‘eye-candy’ for audiences with varying Pan/Tilt positions. It’s 4-section-concept allows the creation of a spectacular rainbow spectrum effect and other imaginative chases and colour effects.

REDWash 3•192 communicates active RDM. Menu configurations and DMX address patches are set up remotely from a computer running ROBE RDMNet software and linked via Robe’s DreamBox USB interface – effectively making battery powered displays obsolete.

Australian Distributor: ULA