Robe LEDWashes bring beauty to Beauties and Geeks alike

Posted on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Beauty and the Geek Australia is billed by the network’s publicity department as the country’s ultimate social experiment, where two very different worlds collide. The ‘Beauties’, who love being the centre of attention and rely primarily on their looks, are paired up with academically gifted yet socially awkward ‘Geeks’ to compete as teams for a $100,000 prize.

Lighting director Grant Watson from Strauss Productions specified 12 x Robin 300 LEDWashes and used them as the main and vivid component of his lighting design for a number of the major ‘off site location challenges’. The fixtures were also specified for events at the main ‘house location’ where the Beauties and Geeks live together and complement each other through various challenges striving to be the successful team.

The Robin 300 LEDWash is the smaller version of the Robin 600 LEDWash light from Robe’s range. Utilising 19 multi-chip Cree LEDs and motorised linear zoom of 15 – 60 degrees, the fixture offers flexibility with homogenisation of the light source. Specialised component optics composed of highly efficient elements are claimed to ensure smooth colour mixing and a dynamic array of colours and hues. A great feature for Film & TV is the ability to switch instantly to a CCT of 3200, 4300 and 5600 Kelvin. The 3200 setting is intended to mix with traditional tungsten-halide studio fixtures.

Event Services supplied the Robin 300 LEDWashes to Strauss Productions. “The Robe Robin 300 is a great little LED mover with a big personality and is ideal for any kind of event, even television where colour temperature is very important”, commented Colin Baldwin from Event Services.

Grant Watson will be specifying the units also on some other TV shows that he is lighting director for, including The Biggest Loser, Farmer Want’s a Wife, My Kitchen Rules and Magical Tales.

Robin 300 LEDWash

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