Robe Launches Five New Products at Prolight + Sound 2012

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Czech Republic moving light manufacturer, Robe, launches five innovative new LED based products at Prolight + Sound 2012, March 21-14, in Frankfurt.

These are all in Robe’s eco-conscious ROBIN range — with the emphasis on smaller, brighter, lighter and utilizing more energy efficient technologies. All of the products also use high powered RGBW LEDs.

The Robin DLX Spot is a RGBW LED Spot moving head. Its color mixing is achieved by using the RGBW LED system, with a virtual color wheel, and a series of pre-programmed ‘real’ whites at 2,700, 3,200, 5,600 and 8,000 degrees Kelvin.

The DLX’s output in colors is as strong as the 575 / 700 series conventional discharge source units — while the average power consumption is only 250W.

The fixture has all the moving head spot/profile features, including rotating gobos, iris, 10 – 45 degree zoom, three-facet rotating prism, variable frost, dimming, and strobing of the LED lightsource, etc. and is very quiet to operate.

To complement and widen the already comprehensive Robin range, Robe launches the DLF which is a fresnel wash fixture. This is a versatile Fresnel-style light. It has a unique zoom that starts at 5.5 degrees and goes to 60 degrees with no distortion, and a diffusion filter extends the zoom range yet further to 75 degrees making it ideal for covering cycs and other large surfaces.

It has a beam shaping module consisting of four blades which is fully controllable to emulate the behavior of a barn door. The whole beam shaping module is rotatable and indexable to plus or minus 90 degrees. The shaped beam has a soft edge.

Robe is offering a warranty based on three years or a lifespan of 20,000 hours — whichever comes first — on all its Robin DLX and DLF products.

The Robin 100 LEDBeam is small, bright, and super-light at just 4.4Kgs. This fixture has fast pan / tilt movement. The LEDs are controllable in three zones — top half, bottom half, and middle — for producing eye-candy effects, zone strobing, color chasing, etc. It has tight beam angle of seven degrees.

ROBIN 800 LEDWash The Robin 800 LEDWash offers a LED wash light with beam shaping. This is a multi-purpose luminaire. The beam shaping module is both rotatable and indexable to plus or minus 90 degrees, and it has a zoom of eight to 63 degrees, and can be transformed from a wide wash to a tight spot. There are three-zones of individual LED ring control. The color range is the same as those in the Robin 600 LEDWash.

The Robin Actor 6 (pictured) is a version of the Robin 600 LEDWash which has been developed to meet the demand for a fixed LED wash lightsource without motorized pan and tilt. This new product utilizes all the technology of the moving Robin 600 LEDWash. This luminaire offers pan and tilt and RGBW LEDs arranged in three concentric rings, all of which can be individually controlled. The zoom is an impressive eight to 63 degrees. Colors are pre-programmed using the virtual color wheel, complete with the range of pure whites including 2,700 and 3,200 degree tungstens.

Like last year at Prolight + Sound, Robe will again have its rock ‘n’ roll nightrider tour bus parked just outside the show as part of the extended hospitality / meeting facilities.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group