ROBE for Australia’s Largest Corporate Event – Amway Gala 2011

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


Sydney recently played host to the biggest and most spectacular corporate event – the 2011 Amway Gala Dinner, produced by Blake Harris’s new event company – Triumph Leisure Solutions (tls). tls engaged Clifton Productions to supply all the rigging, lighting and staging, as this is their second encounter of being involved in the Amway Gala Events.

Over 8000 Amway delegates from China traveled to the Dome in Homebush, and tls welcomed them to a transformed undersea wonderland with high impact special effects, large scale imagery and world class performances. Black Harris chose to work with renowned lighting designer, Andy Mutton, to make his visions come to life.

Clifton Productions supplied over 200 Robe moving lights including 80 of the new ROBIN LEDWash 600’s they recently purchased. The rig included 50 x Robe ColorSpot and 50 x ColorWash 2500E ATs, 50 x ColorSpot 1200s as well as the 80 LEDWash 600s and 20 x Robe REDWash 3?192s. In addition to illuminating 8 stages of live action –  up to 6 running simultaneously and the room for the dinner, LD Andy Mutton had to highlight a series of custom props, acrobats, roving and aerial performers.

With creative input from David Atkins and Ignatius Jones, a world class entertainment programme was choreographed by Jason Coleman and his team from Ministry of Dance, featuring 300 performers and the evenings were headlined by Taiwanese singing/song writing/producing legend, Jonathan Lee. The event boosts a combined cast of almost 200 performers and over 100 production crew.

Majority of the lighting with other LED fixtures including 48 x iLED ColorBank 54’s, plus lots of generics, strobes was hung on an intricate network of trusses, flown from the high roof of the Dome. This was operated by Andy Mutton and Franco Calvi.

“I really enjoyed working with Travis and the team at Clifton Production. They were easy to work with and delivered a high quality of service. One of the major advantages of working with Clifton Production was that they delivered a large amount of the production reducing the number of suppliers and streamlining communication. This made the process of bumping in a lot smoother.” Blake commented.

He continues, “As for the lighting designer…I think Andy Mutton is fantastic. Working with our vision for the event he produced a fabulous design which helped to bring the event to life. He is a creative guy with strong technical expertise and I am really glad we engaged him on this amazing event”.

This is the first time LD Andy Mutton has used this many Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash fixtures all at once. These fixtures are taking the lighting industry by storm, with their intense brightness, large zoom, fabulously homogenised lightsource, smooth colour mixing across all area of the spectrum and ability to produce “real” whites at a variety of colour temperatures. “It’s a great LED Unit, that I enjoyed using. The unit allowed me to bath the whole space in soft light and with the Zoom function I was also able to use the unit as a special to highlight items around the room”, said Andy.

“Overall this event was massive and we are happy to have used a very large amount of our Robe moving lights, including the new ROBIN 600 LEDWashes,” says Travis Cilia from Clifton Productions. “The reliability of our Robe fixtures is endless and with our new ROBIN 600 LEDWashes, we are impressed with the unit’s ‘proper’ white and the wide range of high quality, subtle pastel colours, together with the massive zoom range. These fixtures are constantly out to work now for the rest of the year which is great”.

(Left to Right: Travis Cilia from Clifton Productions, Jason Coleman, Andy Mutton – LD)