Robe at the Mentone Hotel

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

A Robe DigitalSpot 5000 DT, two ColorSpot 575E ATs and 42 Anolis ArcSource LED down-lighting fixtures have been installed at the Mentone Hotel in Melbourne.

The Mentone is a busy venue in close proximity to the beach of the same name, located in one of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. It’s owned by Open Door Pubs, one of Australia’s best known pub chains, and lighting, sound and AV was designed and supplied by Adam Dullens of Pulse Audio Visual. After the initial installation, Dullens was asked to specify a flexible visual solution to liven up the upstairs floor for their popular Wednesday disco evenings, which sees first floor regularly  packed to its 700 capacity.

Dullens has used Robe products for some time including for several other Open Door sites and states, “Robe is a fantastic brand. It’s always my first choice for anywhere needing ‘professional’ lighting kit”.

The Mentone was initially considering an LED screen display for the upstairs to create a banner effect around the walls of the quirkily shaped landing, which forms the main dance floor. However, when Robe launched its DigitalSpot was launched, Dullens realised this was the “perfect” fixture for providing visuals which could be changed, manipulated and moved around the space.

He then added the two ColorSpot 575s for additional wall and ceiling colour washing, movement effects and gobo patterns. They were specifically picked for the frost filter which enables them to produce great wash effects as well as gobo projection, along with a Robe Haze 400 FT hazer.

To lift the dark corners and spots around the space, he added the Anolis ArcSource 3’s, which are dotted around where needed. This includes a row of fixtures down-lighting from the ceiling of the exterior balcony running along Beach Road, which can be clearly seen from along the road and act as a beacon attracting attention to the Mentone.

The pub’s owners were initially sceptical about using LEDs, but have been so impressed by the effects and performance of the Anolis units that Dullens has already spec’d them for another of their venues.