Robe and Anolis go VIP

Posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Robe moving lights and Anolis architectural LED fixtures have been installed into Cocktails & Dreams newest venture – the VIP Bar, CDs. The Gold Coast venue has been transformed from the underground grunge club, The Party, into an upmarket and elegant location aimed at attracting a young, sophisticated crowd.

CD’s now welcomes guest via a red carpet into an oasis of interior design including a 14m-long bar, polished timber floors, carpeted areas, black leather lounges in booths and crystal curtains. The lighting renovation – carried out by JVG Sound, Lighting & Visual – includes the install of all the architectural fixtures as well as a revamp of the dance floor set up. The architectural lighting, including staircase lighting, and up-lighting of the podiums and bar, features Anolis ArcLine 36 strips controlled via an Anolis ArcPower 144.

CDs dance floor lighting is an overhaul of the previous venues rig and features 14 Robe moving lights –  6 Robe ColorSpot 160 XTs,  4 Robe ColorSpot 250 XTs, and 4 ColorWash 250 XTs, as well as a Robe 1500FT Fog Machine and a SDV 750W DMX GigaStrobe – supplied by Australian Robe supplier ULA.  The dance floor lighting is controlled by an E:cue touchscreen system which was also supplied to JVG by ULA.

The whole lighting installation adds versatility by providing a greater choice of colour and gobo effects across the whole venue. JVG’s General Manager Jade Golar has been specifying Robe for about 4 years, so there was no question about working with the brand. “The brightness of the XT Series is fantastic” he declares “And the 160s and 250s were really perfect for the application”. He adds that he knows the Robe products really well, and that he receives great support from ULA. JVG is also a warranty repair agency for Robe, so keeps a good stock of spares – not that they are needed very often!