Revised RDM Available for Review

Posted on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

BSR E1.20 – 200x, a revision of the existing ANSI E1.20 – 2006, Entertainment Technology — Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512, is available for public review on the ESTA website through October 19. The draft standard and its supporting public review materials are available at

BSR E1.20 – 200x, Entertainment Technology — Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512, is a project to revise the existing RDM standard, ANSI E1.20 – 2006. There are some errors in the published document that need to be corrected, and some issues about proxy devices that need to be clarified. The review materials include the revised standard, a listing of the errors that are being addressed, and, as background information, the resolutions to the comments received during the previous public review of the draft standard. The intention of the revision project is to correct errors, not to change the existing functionality of RDM.

Please note that the ESTA website shows a review end date of October 20. The review has ended when that day is reached. Comments should be submitted before that date.

In addition to being asked to review the document to see if it offers adequate advice, reviewers are asked to look for protected intellectual property in the draft standard. ESTA does not warrant that its standards contain no protected intellectual property, but it also does not intend to adopt any standard that requires the use of protected intellectual property, unless that property is necessary for technical reasons and can be licensed and used by anyone without prejudice or preference for a reasonable fee. Any protected intellectual property in the document should be pointed out in the comments.