Review: GLP Impression

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

The Impression, a moving head LED luminaire—manufactured in Germany by GLP German Light Products GmbH and distributed exclusively in the Americas by Elation—has been appearing on a lot of equipment lists. A 2008 Live Design Lighting Product of Year, it was first introduced in March 2007 and then started shipping in large quantities in early 2008. The compact and lightweight Impression is well-suited for situations where users have little power or are under tight weight limits. One of its key features is the fact that, while still having an onboard power supply, it has a tiny base, unlike the larger ones we are all used to seeing with automated lights. The fixture uses 90 Luxeon K2 LEDs and is available in different versions: an RGB version with 30 LEDs per color and several white versions—60 cold white and 30 amber LEDs, 60 warm white and 30 cold white LEDS, etc.—so you can adjust the color temperature. The fixture includes a color calibration feature as well as internal color presets. It pans 660° in as fast as two seconds and tilts up to 300° in one second. The optical system features a standard 10° beam angle, with an optional 25° lens assembly for a wider spread, yet it maintains even color mixing. It has a low-noise ventilation system with overheat protection. The compact design allows these units to be hung on 14″ centers, and the fixtures use 3-pin locking XLR DMX connectors for data in/out. It is constructed with a die-cast aluminum head and industrial lightweight plastics so the fixture weighs only 16lbs.

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