Review: Clay Paky’s A.leda Line of Automated Luminaires

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

By Patrick Dierson

A.leda is a new range moving head LED fixtures from Clay Paky. The haters of the lighting world will undoubtedly be shrugging their shoulders asking, “Aren’t they a little late to the LED market, and aren’t they just copying what’s already been done?” And one could mistakenly agree. However, in true Clay Paky fashion, the company’s supposed tardiness has given them license for some great innovation, having allowed the market to experience the pros and cons, and respond with some truly feature-rich instruments that will freshen up what seems to be a stale marketplace full of copycats. The three models of the A.leda range share some distinct traits, and there’s definitely something in there to make every member of the production team happy.

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