Review: Chauvet Professional Strike 1

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

by Nook Schoenfeld

Ever since I saw a Police reunion show a few years ago, I have had visions of moles on steroids. They had giant 9-lite moles that looked like they had par 56 bulbs in them as opposed to the normal par 36 bulbs we see in blinders. I thought to myself ten years ago, “Why doesn’t someone just make a “Build your own Blinder kit?”

Perhaps manufacturers were waiting for LEDs to get bright enough. Perhaps nobody but the folks at Chauvet thought about this. Either way, this is one happy designer to have a new toy in his toolbox. I can make giant 9 liters, L- shapes, T-shapes like crosses. I can blind my audience however I want – and not need a separate 400-amp service to do it. And I could care less about hanging these things in the rain.

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