Revel in Ravál with Show Technology

Posted on Friday, March 12th, 2010

Ravál, located at the top of the stairs above Sydney’s historic Macquarie Hotel, is a purpose built entertainment venue and cocktail bar designed to house a variety of live entertainment including music, cabaret, burlesque, theatre and comedy.

The intimate size, comfy surrounds and fantastic production make for an entertainment experience unlike any other in Sydney. Its’ small stage needed a compact yet versatile lighting system and Luke Everingham of Everingham Audio delivered with a neat, tidy and cost effective package from Show Technology.

Installed above the lush velvet curtains backing the stage are six Pro Shop LED Strips that colour wash the stage along with six standard Kupo Par56 cans and a Kupo Profile HO has been supplied to be used as a follow spot. The LED Strips feature 252 ultra bright LEDs divided into three segments that can be controlled separately. The unit can also be used as a strobe and the on board dimmer allows accurate electronic control of the light output.

Four of the new and improved Planet One Mark II dimmers are used featuring simple DMX control interface, preset dim levels, dimming limits and switching options, and newly developed software that ensures the dimming curve is as smooth as ever.

A Martin Freekie controller was chosen for its’ easy-to-use features and with its’ ability to control up to twelve fixtures, each with twelve channels – plus a smoke and strobe button you can customize to control two additional DMX units – it was the ideal option for this venue.