Resolution X teams up with Chunky Move

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012


ResolutionX is proud to announce a production partnership with Chunky Move for their latest ambitious piece An Act of Now for the Melbourne International Arts Festival. An Act of Now is the first show choreographed by the company’s new artistic director Anouk Van Dijk, with lighting design by Niklas Pajanti.

Keeping with Chunky Move’s commitment to challenging the norm, this show is staged inside a glass house at the Myer Music Bowl. Audience members don wireless headphones upon entry to the venue then make their way down to sit on the stage, looking out towards the amphitheatre.

This unique staging presented Niklas with a number of challenges, but as anyone who has seen the show will attest he met these head-on, producing some stunning results.

Niklas employed six Clay Paky Alpha 1500 Profiles and six Studio Due City Color 2600s to provide his foundations. The Alpha 1500 shutters framed beams of light into the glass house as well as throwing light up the hill of the amphitheatre. The City Colors created a low-angled backlight effect into the house and also cast light up the hill.

Much of the show was lit from inside the house using a variety of sources with diverse colour temperatures. Among them a Metal Halide and high-pressure sodium  ‘grow lights’, 1500 watt QIs, 8 way Molefay blinders and Martin Atomic 3000 strobes from ResX, plus dimmable cool-white LED strips mounted in the floor.

ResX’s new ETC Ion 2000 and a 2 x 10 fader wing were the consoles of choice, operated by Johnboy Davidson.

Chunky Move also utilised two new Martin Magnum 1800 Smoke machines to duct smoke into the glass house, as well as ResX’s latest addition the battery-powered Look Solution Tiny Power Fogger.

An Act of Now runs until the 27th of Oct. For quotation or demo on this or any equipment from ResolutionX please call or email 03 9701 2411

Photos by Jeff Busby