Resolution X invests in Pathway Pathport

Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Resolution X has recently purchased a Pathway Pathport System consisting of 7 x DMX Manager Plus, 11 x Touring Edition, 4 x Cisco Managed Switches.

The Pathway Pathport system provides DMX routing (up to 256 Universes) over Ethernet using one of the following protocols:

• Pathport
• Artnet
• Strand Shownet
• E1.31 Streaming CAN

Pathport Touring Edition – single universe truss mountable Ethernet to DMX converter.  These units require Power over Ethernet (PoE) to operate.

Pathport DMX Manager Plus – has 4 paralleled input and output ports which allow configuration of data flow in either direction.  These units also provide standalone routing such as HTP merging, DMX splitting and DMX re-mapping. 

The Cisco Managed Switch provides PoE to the Touring Edition units and allows additional devices on the network.  For more information on configuration and application please contact Resolution X.