Resolution X expand their ETC Portfolio

Posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2016

Console_lowresResolution X, one of the largest providers of rental lighting, audio and rigging equipment in Australia, are leaders in bringing new and innovative equipment to the shows they work on. Staying ahead of the game requires continued investment in new hire inventory, including fixtures and consoles.

In order to cater to their theatre clients, Res X knew they had to offer Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) lighting equipment as it is regularly the preferred brand in that area of the market. Consequently they now own a couple of ETC Ion consoles, ETC Gio consoles and have a large inventory of ETC Source Four LED Lustr®+ fixtures.

“The purchase was definitely a result of customer demand, particularly from theatrical designers,” commented Marcus Pugh, Business Development Manager at Res X. “The Source Four LED Lustr®+ fixtures are second to none when it comes to LED profiles. The x7 Color System achieves theatre-worthy colour rendering, plus they’re silent, which is crucial for theatrical works. So far the fixtures have performed flawlessly wherever we’ve deployed them.”

Console-and-lights_lowresWith the ETC control, Res X initially purchased a couple of the smaller ETC Ion consoles to cater for tours that had specified them. However, as word got out that they had some ETC Ions, Res X soon realised they had to add to their initial purchase in order to keep up with demand.

“The ETC Gio was the next step up,” explained Marcus. “We find that operators often like to program a show with the Gio, then once all the cues are loaded and the show locked in, they can transfer it into the Ion and take that on the road. The Ion has a small footprint, so it makes sense. Many features are intuitive and easy to figure out.”

Gio has a fast, accessible control surface, with an easy-to-navigate backlit keypad. It includes two integral, articulating multi-touch displays and supports up to three external monitors, all of which can also be multi-touch.

“The Gio offers all the power and usability of the larger Eos and easily integrates with the Ion console,” remarked Marcus.