Resolution X add even more ShowPro to their arsenal

Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2016

IMG_1326Resolution X is pleased to announce the addition of even more ShowPro products into their equipment arsenal. Resolution X has been using ShowPro products for years and the stock continues to grow as demand increases.

“The ShowPro products tick a lot of boxes for us at ResX,” commented Marcus Pugh, BDM for Resolution X. “The light they produce is great, the build quality is robust and stands up to the rigours of gig-life plus the hire price is very reasonable so we’re able to provide a lot of buck-for-your-buck to our customers.”

GoldenEye 77 and GoldenEye Strip are some of the newest ShowPro Products on the ResX roster. Both utilise individually controlled narrow warm white LED emitters (reminiscent of a tungsten source) to create a dynamic visual display or audience blinder effect.

“Don’t be fooled this isn’t just another ‘eye-candy’ effect, the 6° LEDs also produce great beams (and lots of them) through haze,” Marcus added. “The GoldenEye fixtures easily lock together to make large seamless walls of light and beams.”

Also new to ResX are some ShowPro LED eProfiles which use the latest advances in LED technology to produce a full colour, flicker-free output with flawless dimming teamed with quiet operation.

“The combination of Red, Green, Blue, Amber and Lime emitters give an amazing pallet of colours for LDs and programmers to work with, said Marcus. “The LED eProfiles come in a range of standard beam angles and an extremely flat field means the LED eProfile handles gobo projection better than some of its conventional cousins.”

ShowPro LED EX 36 and HEX 36 have quickly become a real workhorse in the ResX range. Both units are IP rated making them perfect for lighting up building facades or washing huge outdoor areas.

“Resolution X stocks EX 36 in both a wide 45° (great for lighting big areas from a short throw) and a narrow 25° (for highlighting or longer throws) the RGBW LEDs give plenty of colour options,” said Marcus.

The HEX 36 adds Amber and UV for even more vibrant and pastel colours plus a huge UV effect.

Also working hard are ResX’s Hercules Battery LED Washes, the little champion that punches well above its weight. With four ten Watt RGBW LEDs, on-board wireless DMX and over 8 hours of full output battery power all inside an IP64 body makes the Hercules a must have for all event lighting.

LED Quad 18 and Outdoor Quad 18 IP65 are some of the punchiest LED Pars on the market with 18 x 8Watt RGBW LEDs, the 25° beam angle makes the Quad Par wide enough to wash a stage but narrow enough to uplight a wall.

“Our Outdoor IP65 versions have been used in some of the toughest weather conditions Australia can throw at them and they keep on performing,” Marcus remarked.

Resolution X is extremely happy with all their ShowPro products. Please contact the friendly staff at Resolution X for a demo or quote on