Redback Patch System Released

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

LSC are happy to announce the release of the Redback Patch Bay cable patching systems. This unique product provides a modular system that allows a large number of stage lighting circuits to be connected to a smaller number of dimmer channels.

The design is modular and is based on a 2RU 19” panel that provides 12 patching circuits. These modules are designed to be mounted into one of the three different height Redback Patch housing sizes available. A unique design feature of the Redback Patch modules is their ability to clip and lock onto the module below permitting easy access and making the job of wiring much easier. The modular panels can also be mounted directly into a standard 19” rack if so desired.

Blank panels are available to allow patch systems of any multiple of 12 circuits up to 120 to be constructed.

Installation of the Redback Patch is easy as the frame has mounting holes on each end for wall installation and cable access is via top and bottom knockout panels or thru-wall access to the rear of the unit. External cables are internally terminated into 4mm² screw terminal strips located on each module.

An optional test panel is available that provides an overload protected 10Amp current meter permitting users to test load circuits and check the lamp is functional as well as a dummy load to test the dimmer circuit.

The Redback Patch Bays are designed to compliment the recently released Redback Wallmount products with similar mechanical design, dimensions, shape and styling. They will also replace the current iPATCH range of products which will be discontinued in late 2011.