Recycled Tech: Studio Due CityColor 400 and Martin MAC500 for sale

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011

The CityColor 400 is an excellent solution for exterior colour change lighting when you need high output – especially in white.

The patented optical system gives a smooth mix of colours and the 2 long life 150CDM lamps are economical and bright with a luminous flux of 14,000lm each. The unit has an IP66 rating and an you can run these either on stand alone or via a DMX controller.

This set of 8 have actually been used by a touring company and come individually flight cased and are in excellent condition, having been protected from new. $ 1,375.00 ea inc GST

This makes them a perfect buy for rental companies but they would be just at home permanently installed and you can use the flight cases for something else!

The MAC500 has been the workhorse of the Australian production industry for years now and these units are perfect examples of the bullet proof profile light that it is known for world wide.  These units have been on the road with a major rental company from new and are in reasonable condition considering their age, having had a once over from our technical team.

Lamps are included but to be honest for optimum performance it would be best to re-lamp with new lamps.

All units have the usual amount of bumps and scuffs you would expect from “on the road” units.  Similarly the cases have seen their fair share of truck trays, but all castors are still functioning 100% and the structure remains completely intact.

This is your opportunity to own some classic MAC500’s, you too can benefit from their toughness and reliability. There are twenty units available at $ 1,375.00 ea inc GST.