Recycled Tech: Pro Shop LED Strip HO

Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

The LED Strip HO from Pro Shop has been an extremely popular LED Strip. Using the latest in high powered LED technology, the LED Strip HO certainly lives up to is “HIGH OUTPUT” tag. We have 30 units that have been used for trade shows and demonstration alike. We will be clearly these demonstrators for $219.00 INC. Normal retail for these units is $599.00 so once again it is another great oportunity to build your inventory.

Like the original LED Strip, this unit is 1m long, but contains a whopping 84 high powered 1w LED’s, 28 x red, 28 x green and 28 x blue LED’s to produce a massive punch of colour that is wide, bright and saturated. Like the original the unit can be controlled either as a solid bank, or up to 4 segments to allow slow colour scrolling effects if they are placed in a line.

The unit is cooled by a regulating fan system that reduces the amount of fan noise and it also refreshes its LED’s at a rate of 600Hz so it is suitable for most TV and video applications.

The unit features a digital display to allow you to set DMX control addresses and stand-alone setting, and DMX is wired through a 3 pin XLR. The unit also features a Powerconn input and output to allow for simple power cabling, (the package comes included with a plugged powerconn input cable and a powerconn linking cable).

Most units will come with original boxes and units will have have the odd scratch.

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