Recycled Tech: Martin MAC300’s for sale

Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Efficient optics, attractive design, modular construction and numerous other features make the MAC 300 well suited for any lighting application calling for color mixing and a soft-edged beam in a 250 watt fixture.

The Mac 300 is a Fresnel wash unit using a HSD 250/2 discharge lamp, full CMY colour mixing and a colour wheel with 6 replaceable dichroic filters. Also included in these units are variable zoom, full range mechanical dimming and strobe effect.

These 8 Mac 300 come from a large production house and have been treated very well since new. They have varying ages and total operating hours (averaging around 1500 hours), All units come including lamps that appear to be about half life, omega brackets and dual road cases.

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