Recycled Tech: Martin MAC2000 Profiles for sale

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Australian delivered MAC2000’s very rarely come up for sale and we are proud to offer 4 units in dual cases for sale. These units have seen work in their lifetime but are presented in good working order with plenty of life left in them. They would be perfect for growing production companies or in a permanent installation for a performance space, especially where budget is tight. Units have been checked via our recycled-tech service area.

The MARTIN MAC 2000 Profile is a high performance moving yoke with a gobo animation system, full CMY mixing and a framing system, effect wheel and a combined colour and gobo wheel.  This product is an industry standard that continues to appear on high profiles concerts, tours, theatre and TV shows; high profile events like the Soccer World Cup; Olympic, Commonwealth, and Asian Games more than 10 years after being initially released. No other fixture has ever matched this record. This is a great opportunity to buy units still specified so heavily on many shows. Must be purchased in lots of 2.