RC4 Wireless Releases Major Series 3 Firmware Update

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2016

cableRC4 announces new firmware v4.071 / for all RC4 Wireless Series 3 Harmonized Design devices, including RC4Magic Series 3 (2.4GHz and 900MHz), LumenDim for CRMX, and W-DIM for W-DMX. Referred to as v71, it’s a big leap forward from previously released v19 and v50, the company says.

Existing customers and users can update their devices using the RC4 Wireless CodeLoader cable: http://tinyurl.com/zj48q9p.

The v71 update includes the following improvements:

RC4Magic Series 3 DMXio Auto Mode: If a transmitter is already present on a system ID, it will automatically become a receiver. If no other transmitter is running on an ID and DMX is present at the XLR input, it will automatically become a transmitter. This also means it will automatically connect with a user’s RC4Magic configuration dongle if it’s active when the DMXio powers on. Other systems on the market offer auto mode, but only RC4Magic strictly observes system ID privacy, the company says, ensuring no other user in transmitter mode, auto or manually set, can ever interfere with a user’s system.

For all RC4 Series 3 Dimmers: RC4 has added several new dimmer curves: Raw 16-bit control using two DMX channels for each dimmer; X-Fade mode for LED color-temperature control; bidirectional motor control using a single DMX channel (center-off); and more. Users still get all the curves, including linear, ISL, non-dim, inverted curves, and hobby servo control clockwise and counterclockwise.

RC4 OneTouch is now even more intuitive: When users select a DMX channel and curve for the first dimmer, the remaining dimmers fall in line sequentially with the same curve. Users can still set the other dimmers as they like, after they set the first one. Now, a single touch of a single button configures not just one dimmer output, it configures the entire device for almost everything users need it to do, the company says.

And users can now select PWM frequencies with just the buttons on the dimmers — no need for PC configuration software or an RDM controller. It’s quick and easy to select 615Hz (beautifully smooth to the human eye), 5kHz (artifact-free video), 10kHz, or 20kHz (flicker-free video slow-motion, and interference free near audio devices).

Additional pixel string support for RC4Magic DMXpix. RC4 has added new pixel-string types: MY9231 and DMX. MY9231 strings provide high-frequency PWM with 16-bit dimming for super-smooth fades and no video artifacts. And some pixel strings on the market can be controlled directly with DMX — now users can use them with RC4 Custom Pixel Profiles to reduce the number of channels needed for great looking visual effects.