RanDoM Acts Of CoNtrol

Posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010

By Rob Halliday

Imagine that setting up a new printer was like setting up a lighting rig. Before printing anything, you’d have to figure out an operating address that fit in with the rest of your peripherals and how to set that address using dip switches or some complex menu system. Then you’d have to tell your computer about your printer—address, type, operating mode. Maybe your computer’s heard of that model, maybe not. If not, you’d have to search on the web or cobble together a settings file by hand. Finally, print, but now you just get garbage. Is the address wrong? The mode? The library file?

We don’t put up with this with printers anymore, but we do with lights—a vastly more complex challenge, since you might have hundreds of them. Somehow, address lights, patch console, plug the two together, and hope it all works has become the accepted norm.

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