Radio DMX Ratstands Eat Spaghetti

Posted on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

RAT Music Stands introduce a new range of professional battery powered LEDlights with optional radio control.

“The new radio control receiver is an integral part of the very slim lamp housing”, said Andrew Michell, Managing Director of  R.A.T. Music Stands, “and in conjunction with rechargeable batteries this system enables the total elimination of cables that would otherwise present an ugly mess on the floor”.

In response to customer demand the new system enables every stand to have its own DMX address, so that in a situation where different combinations of musicians are required for different parts of the performance, each stand can be separately controlled.

The transmitter has built in rechargeable batteries and a local control mode which enables it to be used completely autonomously. As Keith Hogben, Sales Manager at R.A.T., points out, “in local mode, you can just plonk a group of stands in the aisles or the middle of a field and control them wirelessly without having to plug in a single thing”.

The new LEDlights have a housing as thin as a finger, and yet give sharper control of stray light than any previous R.A.T. light. A wide range of power sources is available including a choice of NiMH batteries giving 5 or 9 hours use at full power, and much longer if dimmed. 

About R.A.T. (Music Stands) Limited

Based in London, England, and with North American offices in Atlanta, GA, R.A.T. (Music Stands) Ltd is the world’s leading designer and producer of professional music stands and related products. R.A.T.’s designs are the result of over thirty years of collaboration with musicians, musical directors and music venues around the world.

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