Queensland Theatre Company Chooses ETC Ion

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

After many years of dutiful service in their Bille Brown Studio, Queensland Theatre Company sent their ETC Expression out to pasture, replacing it with a groovy new ETC Ion 1000 console.

The Bille Brown Studio is a 228 seater black box venue in South Brisbane that hosts theatrical-based main stage production and educational shows. The venue houses a stock of generic lighting fixtures although intelligent lighting is occasionally hired in.

“We looked at a lot of the mainstream consoles that are in use in the industry at the moment,” said Daniel Maddison, Technical Coordinator, Queensland Theatre Company. “We did a lot of liaising with other venues in Brisbane in particular La Boite Theatre and Gardens Theatre which also own ETC Ion consoles and we decided that with the ease of programme facilities that the Ion offers, it was the one to go with.”

Daniel liked the fact that the Ion platform was very recognisable in terms of what he was used to and that was a major attraction in deciding upon the console.

“I also really like the touch screens,” he added. “It was something I wasn’t used to but they have certainly made things a lot easier. The remote focus unit is a god send; the Expression had a lead that we used to have to drag everywhere and we don’t miss that! Generally, the Ion is a very steady platform and we all love it.”