Pulsar Luxeos18 and Luxious9

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2016

luxeosFollowing closely on the launch of Luxeos36, we have extended the Luxeos family to include Luxeos18 and Luxeos9. All are available in Vivid Colour and Vivid White LED populations.

Latest Quad core LED technology, combined internally at source using the latest advanced optics producing perfect colour mixing.

Exceptional colour output and extensive customisation options the Luxeos is well equipped to suit any application.

9 or 18 clusters of controllable Red, Green, Royal Blue and White giving a range of colours greater than the human eye can distinguish.

Continuous, smooth current through the LEDs giving flicker-free, soothing light.

100,000+ hours of LED, component and driver life.

Waterproof to IP66 so suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A range of interchangeable Holographic Beam Shapers (HBS) allow for different beam angles in any application.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au