Pulsar ChromaPowerPix 200

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

ChromaPowerPix 200 is an advanced DMX controlled LED fixture featuring 12 high power pixels on a 250mm grid. Each pixel contains five 3Watt TriColour devices giving an amazing LED power rating of 15 Watts per pixel! A total of 180 LED Watts of TriColour devices are built into every ChromaPowerPix 200 and are driven by Pulsar’s smooth, continuous light, flicker-free and step-free drive electronics, all powered by a robust world-wide compatible 200 Watt power supply.
ChromaPowerPix 200 is designed to be a flexible lighting tool and has many applications. PowerPix 200 is supplied complete with wide angle Diffusion Plates and White Overlay to allow choice of a black or white front panel, optional Diffusion Domes and Lens Plates in a variety of beam angles are available for total beam control flexibility. Primary mounting is by an optional Suspension Cable system with Hanging Bars. Camlok Spacer Straps and Omega Clamps are also available to allow ChromaPowerPix200 to be deployed in many ways with ease.

As a Cyclorama Backlight: PowerPix 200 provides high power, wide angle illumination of Cyc backdrops. Only 250mm (10″) of space is required between PowerPix 200 and the Cyclorama to create totally even illumination. Using a control system beautifully smooth gradients, fades and sky animations can be achieved.
As an Audience Blinder: ChromaPowerPix 200 provides a powerful 3 x 4 matrix of colour changing light, changing the diffusers to Lens Plates concentrates this power into the gaze of your audience with stunning effect even in the largest stadiums.
As a Decorative Display: Use of the Diffusion Domes provides 180 degree viewing angle perfect for exhibition displays or building atrium features. Via pixel control based control systems stunning visuals can be created. For trade shows the white front panel decorative overlay can even be printed with colour and/or graphics if required.
As a Beam Effect: When fitted with 10 degree Lens Plates, ChromaPowerPix 200 produces great beam effects in smoke or haze and when combined with animations from the control system PowerPix 200 can provide stunning dynamics for your shows.
As an LED Illuminator: ChromaPowerPix200 can be used as a general light source and due to its 200 Watt electrical rating driving 180 Watts of our Tri-Colour LED devices, light output is on a par with our ChromaFlood 200 TriColour fixture. An optional Yoke will be available soon to further facilitate use as a LED fixture.

For Rental the ChromaPowerPix 200’s multiple modes of operation ensure that the units will always be out of the shop, making it the perfect Rental LED fixture!