Proposals for DMX over Ethernet, Luminaire Inspection and Floor Sliperiness standards, now in public review

Posted on Friday, August 8th, 2008

This document provides guidance in the inspection of stage and studio luminaires used in the entertainment industry to evaluate their safety and any needed maintenance. The information contained in this document is intended to supplement the information contained in manufacturers’ maintenance instructions. .

Review Begins: July 24, 2008, Review Ends: September 23, 2008

BSR E1.34 – 200x, Measuring and Specifying the Slipperiness of Floors Used in Live Performance Venues

The draft standard describes a means of measuring and specifying the slipperiness of floor surfaces used by performers in live entertainment venues. The standard is not intended to be applied to normal walking and working surfaces, but only to those floor surfaces used by actors, dancers, and other similar artists, when performing before an audience. .

Review Begins: July 25, 2008, Review Ends: September 23, 2008

All documents, instructions and comments forms are available from the Public Review Documents page: