Proposal for new extensions to DMX512

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013

The PLASA Technical Standards Council has approved a new project within the Control Protocols Working Group: BSR E1.49, DMX512 Extensions for Architectural Lighting.

The project is in response to the increased use of ANSI E1.11 in architectural applications, sometimes with proprietary Alternate START Code messages to make it more suitable for these applications. Of particular interest is providing direct control of architectural luminaires rather than simply controlling dimmers or switches that power them.

At this time the project is expected to build on ANSI E1.11’s physical layer, but initial investigations will consider if EIA-485-A is indeed the best networking technology for direct luminaire control.

People and companies having a material interest in this project are invited to participate, either by joining the Control Protocols Working Group or by responding during future public reviews of the draft document. Membership in PLASA is not a requirement for working group membership, but voting members are required to attend meetings and to vote on letter ballots.

More information about joining working groups and a link to the required working group application form are available at

And just a reminder in case you missed the recent announcement that all PLASA Technical Standards are now available free to download, courtesy of ProSight Specialty Insurance at (If only someone would do the same thing to improve safety in Australia by providing access to  Australian Standards like Test & Tag.)