Pro Shop LED Tubes light the way to SOHO

Posted on Friday, August 7th, 2009

Sydney’s latest hip nightspot SOHO is gaining attention for its’ lively and colourful interior design but the creativity actually starts at the club’s entrance thanks to an amazing installation of Pro Shop LED Tubes.

Dave Coxon, managing director of DJW Projects, was the man behind this innovative display. The entrance to the club had to provide an acoustic solution and so Dave did so in a stunning manner.

“We had three and a half kilometers of timber milled to exactly the same diametre as the Pro Shop LED Tubes,” he explained. “The timber was then painted with high gloss black enamel and put on wall as slats running top to bottom of the wall. A Pro Shop LED Tube was sunk into each slat.”

The entrance features black carpet, black roof, and black walls with one single seventeen-metre run of Pro Shop LED Tubes running down the stairs just above eye height.

More Pro Shop LED Tubes are placed inside the main bar, over the bar and above some seating opposite the bar. These are mounted within acoustic panels that have slits in them and through the middle of each a Pro Shop LED Tube is recessed. These LED tubes sit behind frosted acrylic resulting in a strip that lights up through the middle of each panel.