Pro Shop LED Outdoor MulitPARS weather the storm

Posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

It was the weekend that the worst storm in 100 years hit Melbourne leaving a $50 million trail of destruction across the city, with torrents of water – waist-deep in some places – thundering through homes, shops and schools.

It was also the weekend of the famous Moomba Festival which unfortunately lived up to its’ full name of the Moomba Waterfest Festival! As the rain bucketed down, you may have expected a few technical faults with the outdoor lighting at the event but not with the amazingly resilient Pro Shop LED Outdoor MultiPARs.

Harry the Hirer had the soggy task of providing all production for the event which included a main stage and three satellite stages at the Festival.  The stages were lit using a combination of fittings including twenty-four of their new Pro Shop LED Outdoor MultiPARs.

“The Pro Shop LED’s were fantastic – they stood up to the storm and kept working throughout the weekend,” commented Simon Finlayson, General Manager of Harry the Hirer’s Lighting, Audio-visual & Rigging Division. “We’ve found them durable enough to withstand the heat and dust of large outdoor events, and small and discrete enough to perform at high profile corporate events where technology is usually required to be hidden. Their output and colour saturation is up there with the decent LED products in the market.”

Suited for both permanent and temporary outdoor installations, the Pro Shop LED Outdoor MultiPAR provides a vibrant and saturated output for a variety of applications such as architectural and natural features.

Along with another recent acquisition of Pro Shop Honeycomb 36 units, the Pro Shop LED Outdoor MultiPARs have been used by Harry the Hirer at a number of events this year including -SCG Test – VIP area, Australian Open Tennis, L’Oreal Fashion Festival, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Gold Coast Motorcycle show, Australian Grand Prix and a number of corporate functions.