Pro Shop LED fixtures for Austage Melbourne

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Austage, one of Australia’s premier corporate events company, realized that they were constantly hiring in Pro Shop LED Strip HO fixtures and LED PAR64 Pro Tri-Colour lights for clients and there seemed to be no end in sight such is their demand.

“It was time to buy our own so we purchased sixteen LED Strip HO and sixteen LED PAR64 Pro Tri-Colours,” explained Michael Rankin, Head Technician for Austage Venues @ Central Pier, Melbourne. “Generally we use the LED Strips to up light drapes at the back of stage; they’re great for adding a bit of depth to the stage without hanging back lights and up lighting feature walls.”

The LED Strip HO from Pro Shop is the next step in progression from the humble beginnings of the ever popular LED Strip. Using the latest in high powered LED technology, the LED Strip HO certainly lives up to is “HIGH OUTPUT” tag.

The LED PAR64 Pro Tri-Colour takes giant steps forward in its use of technology to ensure the highest quality of output. Tri-colour technology means that each LED contains a red, green and blue chip; colour is mixed before it leaves the fitting, creating highly saturated colours free of chromatic shadowing that is evident on standard RGB units.

“The LED PAR64 Pro Tri-Colour are replacing PAR64’s for band lighting which is great and they are also used for theming to add a bit of colour to the room,” added Michael. “They are super bright and the colours are awesome. As they are Tri-Colour it means we can hang one fixture instead of four and not having to gel lights saves a lot of time.”