Pro Shop LED 64 par cans do their Civic duty

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2009


The technical crew at Ipswich’s premier theatre venue, the newly renamed Ipswich Civic Centre, have been amazed at how versatile and functional their latest purchase – twelve of the Pro Shop LED 64 par cans – has been to the theatre. 

“In an era where sourcing lighting fixtures that are friendlier to our environment has a high value when considering purchases, the Pro Shop LED 64 has proven it’s place here at theatre, delivering us a cost efficient light with outstanding lighting results,” remarked Nicholas Burke, the venue’s Senior Technician.

The ProShop LED 64’s are used for everything from ambient room lighting, side stage lighting colour, coloured back lighting to on stage colour effects.

”The richness of the colours coupled with the ability to include chases of any speed make these lighting fixtures an awesome addition to the theatre, whether integrated into the existing lighting rig or as a stand alone unit,” added Nicholas.