Pro Shop LED’s storm the Gold Coast

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s prime destinations for incentives, meetings and events with many of the premium venues such as Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Jupiters Hotel and Casino and Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort serviced by Staging Connections.

The busy Staging Connections office in the Gold Coast has been building quite an impressive stock of Pro Shop LED fixtures: forty-eight PAR 64 LED cans, forty PAR 56 outdoor LED cans, eighteen MultiPAR Tri-Colour LED cans, twelve LED Fusion Bars and twelve Honeycomb 72 LED bars.

A further thirty Honeycomb 72 LED bars are located at the Sunshine Coast from where they can service the Hyatt Coolum and the Sheraton Noosa.

“The LED fixtures have opened up a whole new world for staging events,” commented Mark Lunt, ?? at Staging Connections Gold Coast. “Previously with ordinary PAR 64 cans we would have heat and gel issues plus if they were on the floor there were health and safety considerations with the public. With the LED fixtures we get a lot more colour and the ballrooms are a lot safer.”

Mark is particularly enamored with the outdoor PAR 56 LED cans which he describes as great for all of the gorgeous pool settings around the coast and reportedly look fantastic.

“Our Pro Shop LED fixtures give our set designers much more freedom with colour and light placement,” he said. “They also help our lighting engineers with power usage as they require no 3 phase or dimmers. We have found all of the Pro Shop LED fixtures to be popular and reliable.”