Pro Shop and Martin MAC LED fixtures shake it up for Planetshakers

Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Planetshakers City Church has recently opened a new church venue – the North East Campus – in Lower Plenty, Victoria and Production Manager Dan Cornwell has opted for an LED dominated lighting rig courtesy of Show Technology.

Eight Martin MAC350 Entour cutting edge LED profile fixtures were chosen for brightness, efficiency and compactness.

“What initially attracted me to the MAC350 Entour was its incredible brightness especially for its size,” remarked Dan. “The fact that you don’t have any lamp replacement made it extremely attractive! Low maintenance was definitely a key requirement. Also, as I had other LED fixtures in the rig it was good to have an LED profile fixture for colour matching.”

As such, Dan comments that the MAC350 Entours work well with the twelve Martin MAC101 LED fixtures. The MAC350 Entours are placed around the floor of the stage from where they are used for gobo point sources, effect lighting and to add to the beam lights of the MAC101s.

“The MAC101 is a favourite fixture of mine because it has such a tight beam and is ridiculously bright,” said Dan. “We’ve been using them for quite a while at our other venues to compliment our standard washes and profiles. They are so small, inexpensive, fast – just a great fixture all round.”

Budget restraints meant that it was not possible to purchase some moving lights for the main wash and so Dan chose a dozen Pro Shop TriColour PAR64 fixtures to hang in the roof.

“They were the next best thing and we’ve been really pleased with them,” he added. “They’ve been very reliable and I particularly like their colours. You can get some very nice rich, deep reds and blues. For an RGB fixture they are able to hold their own amongst the MAC101 and MAC350 fixtures. You get a lot of output out of them and they compliment the rig very well.”

The larger Planetshakers City Church in Melbourne utilises a MA Lighting grandMA Light console and to keep the campuses universal in operation, Dan chose an MA Node for the North East Campus a set up he states works very well.