PRG OHM™ Digital Spacelight Now Available In Australia

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The highly efficient LED-based OHM Light, developed by PRG in conjunction with Gekko Technology, is designed specifically to replace the traditional spacelights used on many motion picture and television sets. As a viable color corrected source, the OHM Light has a similar lumen output to a tungsten spacelight, with over 80% reduction in power and HVAC requirements. The fixture can operate on 110-240 VAC, using only 500 watts of power.

“We have shown the OHM Light too many DPs, gaffers and studio managers and have been very pleased with the positive response,” said Brian Edwards, General Manager, PRG Los Angeles. “We are excited to announce the production of the units in quantity and that we now have the OHM in stock. Any project or studio wishing to control costs by saving power will see an immediate and significant operational savings by using the OHM, without sacrificing the quality of light or creative flexibility.”

The OHM actively monitors the light output to create accurate white light between 2,900K and 6,500K, with a CRI rating greater than 92 @ 3,200K. The unit can be easily and precisely tuned to the desired color temperature either locally or remotely via DMX. Powered by Gekko’s kleer colour® technology, the LED arrays incorporate closed-loop optical and thermal feedback to preserve color consistency over the 20,000-hour life of the unit.  This ensures an excellent match with other OHM units as well as other traditional light sources. Unlike other spacelights, the color temperature of the OHM will not vary throughout the dimming range and requires no warm-up time to reach the desired color temperature. The OHM can be rigged with a traditional single-point hanging assembly or with a yoke mount for lighting green screens, replacing skypans or operating on a stand. The OHM Light has ETL certification with testing to CE and FCC Class A requirements and is RoHS compliant.

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