Pods of Pro Shop LED Strips for Kisschasey

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

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Kisschasey have been on the road to promote their new album with lighting designed by Phil Riordan and supplied by Brisbane Concert Lighting. The rig included four Martin MAC600, eight MAC250 Kryptons, ten rays, eight 2-way molefays, two Atomic strobes, and a hazer but it was Phil’s use of twenty Pro Shop LED Strips that had everyone talking.

The LED Strips were grouped into five pods of four with Brisbane Concert Lighting making the custom pods especially for this tour. The pods became the main focus and were pretty much the set with silver cloth draped behind them.

“I’ve been experimenting with the LED Strips on other gigs, such as the Caloundra Music festival and The Dreaming, but often I was using them as day time eye candy,” explained Phil. “I began to think about incorporating this ‘eye candy’ into a rock show and I came up with the pods. I guess I was inspired by the early silverchair shows where they used a heater sort of a look as well as old AC/DC videos where they used big banks of wash light.”

Phil reports that the pods transported well as BCL had a custom made, 1.2 metre square road case designed and built for them.

Phil is certainly a fan of the LED Strips describing them as a great, cost effective effect.

“They’re very user-friendly,” he added. “You can use them as a RGB wash or use the built in multiple effects which are quite effective. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed using them on a variety of gigs and when you incorporate them into larger light shows they can make it look ten fold bigger than it actually is. They really add another dimension.

“Also the LED Strips give out heaps of light and definitely act as stage washes too. I used them at the Caloundra Music Bowl and they kicked all the way past front of house and keep on going. I could have tilted the pods and used them more as a bank of wash coming down on the band. I’d really like to create a ‘dome’ of the LED Strips over the stage – that would look awesome!”

Phil also points out that because the LED Strips are only three inches wide they tend to disappear into the set when switched off.