PMLS invest in MAC Quantum Profiles

Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Tasmania’s PMLS are the proud owners of a fleet of new Martin MAC Quantum Profiles, saying they were the best option for a number of reasons.

“The big attraction for us is that the MAC Quantum Profile is a high powered LED light source which means better consistency of light from fixture to fixture – something that we do not get with standard lamps that vary with age,” remarked Nick Morse of PMLS. “When we did our comparisons, we found the MAC Quantum to be a lot brighter than a MAC 700 by a long way. We also found the Quantum’s to run very fast with low noise and that makes it one of the most versatile fixtures on the market today.”

Nick further commented that the MAC Quantum integrates perfectly with their existing inventory and that it was recommended to them on a number of occasions.

“We spoke with many of our industry friends and they all said you won’t go wrong with the MAC Quantum …. in fact they all said purchase as many as you can!” he added. “We plan to use our MAC Quantums as the work horse of our inventory, and also it made total sense to stay with Martin as most of our stock is Martin.”

Nick said that he and his crew like how extremely light weight the MAC Quantum is, and that fact will be an advantage to them and not restrict use in many Hobart venues.

“Keith Bradshaw from Show Technology was great to deal with through this whole process and yet again, we have had a great experience,” Nick said. “Thank you Show Technology for your continued support of PMLS.”