PLASA Optical Standards Available for Public Review

Posted on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

BSR E1.25 – 201x, Recommended Basic Conditions For Measuring The Photometric Output Of Stage And Studio Luminaires By Measuring Illumination Levels Produced On A Planar Surface.

E1.25 describes the basic conditions for measuring the photometric output of stage and studio luminaries by a variety of testing methods that measure the illumination levels produced by the luminaires on a planar surface.

Review period ends: November 1, 2011

BSR E1.41 – 201x, Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Entertainment Luminaires Utilizing Solid State Light Sources

E1.41 offers recommendations for measuring and reporting the output of LED luminaires used in the live entertainment industry. This industry needs unusually precise color and color rendering characterization, which this document provides. Current methods for luminaire output measurement assume the use of broad-band emitters, which LEDs are not, and do not deal well with characterizing the intensely colored light LEDs can produce.

Review period ends: October 18, 2011

Copies of the draft recommendations and the forms for submitting your comments are available from the PLASA Public Review Documents page.

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