PixelRange at PLASA08

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

PixelRange will launch PixelMax at PLASA08, September 7-10 at Earls Court, London. This high powered isx-cell wash light will introduce this new family of next generation luminaires, the company says.

Sixteen of the new fixtures will feature on the spectacular rig designed by lighting designer Vince Foster. Other new products include the high-resolution PixelMax Pro and a new addition to the PixelArt range — a compact 36 by 6 pixels half-length PixelArt.

PixelMax Pro is a combined wash and pixellation luminaire, featuring 288 RGBA high-intensity Luxeon Rebel LEDs. Built around the same rugged housing as the PixelMax Wash, the PixelMax Pro offers the added flexibility of 18 individually controlled cells in a 3 x 6 matrix. This cellular configuration gives the user the ability to produce low-resolution visual effects, in addition to using the fixture as a high power wash light with a vast color palette.

PLASA will also see the launch of a major new software upgrade for PixelArt, which will make the system one of the most versatile display products on the market, the company says. This latest development will enable a PixelArt system to be used completely stand-alone, without the need for other set-up utilities or a media server to generate content.


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