Philips Selecon Simplifies Sustainability with Launch of New LED Fresnel

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Following the successful launch of the PLCyc1 LED and the LED Studio Panel at Frankfurt Pro-Light and Sound earlier this year, the team at Philips Selecon headed to London’s ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) Show with the latest addition to the range – the prototype LED Fresnel.

A timely debut – the ABTT Show followed closely behind the Theatres Trust Conference on Delivering Sustainable Theatres. Graham Eales, general manager for Philips Selecon discusses: “The prototype LED Fresnel is built around the same engine as the popular Selecon PLCyc1 , PL1 and PL3 LED luminaires. Not only does it look and behave like a conventional Fresnel but it also focuses in the same way as any other traditional Fresnel – ie by moving the light source in relation to the lens. The fixture has been specifically designed with small to mid scale theatrical applications in mind so it is neat, easy to rig and easy to focus. The RGBW chip-set delivers output of over 2,000 lumens with a maximum power draw of just 120 watts.”

With the ability to seamlessly colour blend with the PLCyc1, PL1, PL3 and indeed the Vari-Lite VLX range of moving heads, the new LED Fresnel will see the Philips Entertainment brands join forces to become a one stop replacement for energy hungry, conventional and moving light solutions. The luminaire can also accommodate existing Philips Selecon Acclaim Fresnel accessories; ensuring end users have absolute control over the colour, shape and spread of the fixture.

With these new LED fixtures for theatrical use, Philips Selecon hopes to see venues worldwide start to reduce the amount of energy their rigs use without having the need to compromise on performance or functionality.