Philips Color Kinetics Launches White LED Architectural Floodlights

Posted on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Philips Color Kinetics announces two new floodlights with a light output of more than 8,500 lumens.

Expanding the ColorReach Powercore product line, the eW Reach Powercore and iW Reach Powercore floodlights can dramatically accentuate building exteriors and landmarks with a choice of high-quality white or fixed colour light, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and maintenance, the company says.

eW Reach Powercore can illuminate large architectural façades and structures. It offers an alternative to traditional metal halide sources, providing over 8,500 lumens at 2,700K and over 11,000 lumens at 4,000K as well as light projection over 700′ at 2,700K and over 800′ at 4,000K. The product is available in eight colour temperatures, ranging from a warm 2,700K to a cool 6,500K, and five solid colours: royal blue, blue, green, amber, and red.

iW Reach Powercore further demonstrates that white-light LED sources are viable for even the largest-scale exterior transformations, the company says, providing controllable white light in colour temperatures ranging from 2,700K to a cool 6,500K. With almost 11,000 lumens of output and 800′ projection, it efficiently illuminate urban environments worldwide, the company adds.

ColorReach Powercore, the original offering in this series of high-output floodlights, is already in use in a host of applications worldwide, including the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey; County Hall in London, England; the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York, and the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.