Phaseshift serve Meatloaf

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


The press had a field day with the recent tour by Meatloaf heavily criticizing his ability to sing live. Well he may have sounded awful but at least he looked good thanks to his lighting designer William Sheldon and the Phaseshift crew!

The rig was dominated by Martin MACs including: twelve Martin MACIII, six MAC700 profiles, twenty-four MAC700 washes and thirty-four MAC301 LED washes. Added to that were ten Martin Atomic 3000 strobes and a couple of Jem Glaciator X-Streams with ducting kit.

On the floor were sixteen Martin MAC101 positioned in front and on the back of the risers with four Atomics also on the risers. The truss configuration consisted of six fingers that went up downstage at different angles. Each truss finger held MAC301’s, MACIII’s and MAC700 washes whilst the front truss housed the MAC700 spots as well as eight more MAC700 washes.

Phaseshift crew included Michael Corbett as lighting crew chief as well as Matthew Spiker, Robert Oswold and Owen Lugg.