Phaseshift impress with Chris Isaak

Posted on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


During his summer shows in the US, Chris Isaak tours a large production that includes heaps of Martin lighting and LC Panels, as well as GLP Impressions. However his lighting designer Lane Hirsch has a lightweight and easy design for touring overseas and that’s what was reproduced in Australia thanks to Phaseshift Productions.

The set featured a black 24 x 40 ft canvas at the back of the stage and cut into this canvas were seven surfboard shapes 20 ft tall. The surfboard shapes are comprised of shark’s tooth scrim through which light can shine. In between the surfboards were panels of silver mesh that have filtering inside of them and cotton backing.

The rig was comprised of eleven Martin MAC2000s, seven MAC500s, eight MAC250 washes and an assortment of analogue lights.

“I had tried the VL3000’s in the US but I prefer the MAC2000 as the pan and tilt moves faster,” commented Lane. “This design is quite old now and we’re working on a new traveling design which should feature newer MAC models such as the MAC700 and maybe the MACIII.”

Lane was quick to praise his Phaseshift crew members Owen Lugg and Lachlan Sinclair.

“I’ve always found Australian crews to be great,” he said. “They just do the job until it’s done, without any attitude. Australian crews are hard working, good people, don’t complain and make it 100% right. The spot operators are the same and way better than the ones in the US. I’m always happy to come to Australia and I always get treated well.”

Photos: Troy Constable