Phaseshift having a laugh

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009

It’s been a comedy start to the year for Phaseshift Productions – Going Danny Boy to Wayne Brady and now on to Ross Noble in Australia’s first comedy in the round at large arenas.

Phaseshift was asked to supply a great looking rig that was easy to put up and take down every day. Another stipulation was that all of the Stage, Video and Camera gear had to fit into one truck – no easy task .

The crew on the latest show was LD Dave Taylor, systems techs Michael Corbett and Harley Parker who was out on his first tour which he passed with flying colours and praised by all.

The gear toured was 8 xRobe 1200 washes, 8 x Martin MAC2000 profile, 8 x 4lite, 16 x 2k Castors and 20 x Multipars. Phaseshift also toured a new MQ 100 Chamsys Console with a Hog 1k as back-up. Dave was very impressed with the MQ 100 and the ease of how easy it was to use.