Pharos Launches Two New Controllers

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Pharos Architectural Controls’ new Touch Panel Controller is a stand-alone, solid-state lighting controller with an integrated 4.3″ customizable touch screen and 512 channels of eDMX output over a single PoE network connection. Programmed in Pharos Designer, the TPC has the same playback and show control engine as the Pharos Lighting Playback Controllers. Over an Ethernet network it can interface with other Pharos controllers, button panels and remote devices. The companion Interface Editor application allows you to build themed user interface pages, creating and organizing multiple pages of buttons, sliders, and color pickers to suit the installation and customer needs.

The wall-mounting design features a magnetic overlay within the plated bezel. A variety of finishes and overlays will be available. The TPC is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) device requiring one CAT 5 cable to install. It controls networked eDMX fixtures, integrates with building management systems, serves web apps to mobile devices and allows remote management over the Internet. Built-in environmental sensors can be used to influence screen behavior and as triggers for lighting events.

Pharos product manager Liz Cecil says, “The TPC is an exciting addition to our range of controllers at a very competitive price. With the TPC we are delivering an elegant, fully-featured lighting controller, with an integrated, capacitive touch screen — it will be a perfect solution both for smaller installations and as a touch screen interface for larger Pharos control systems.”

In addition to launching their new Touch Panel Controller, Pharos is introducing a higher capacity product to the line of lighting playback controllers. The LPC 4 is a four-universe controller in the same form-factor as the LPC 1 and 2. It can output two universes locally using the DMX ports and two more via multiple eDMX protocols, including Art-Net, Kinet and sACN. Alternatively, as with the LPC 1 and LPC 2, the LPC 4 can output all data via eDMX protocols.
Australian Distributor: LSC Lighting